What Is Happening With Realtor Commissions?

Skip the headlines and get accurate information from your local, trustworthy real estate experts, The Laue Team. Have questions about the NAR settlement or real estate in general? Connect with us today!

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We’ve been a part of Wilsonville and the surrounding areas for decades – we live here, work here, volunteer here and ‘know’ here. Our extensive area knowledge is available to guide you as you consider locations, schools, area amenities and countless other factors.

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It’s not just that we’ve been in real estate for over 30 years that makes us the best choice to serve you, it’s how many people we’ve been able to help that gives us the transactional experience you need. Every home purchase is unique, and with over 3,800 transactions under our belt, we’ve seen and know how to navigate even the unexpected.

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Identifying your perfect home is not always just a matter of scanning the Internet. We’ve spent decades developing relationships with homeowners, community members and other real estate agents and may be able to use our networking to help you find properties that are not listed on the open market.

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Selling a home can be a stressful endeavor with countless moving parts. That’s why we hold constant communication as one of our core values. You deserve to know what’s going on with your sale at every step in the process. We will be there for your call, your text, your email and your questions.

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With the Laue Team you not only get an expert real estate agent, you get the background support of a seven-person team, each member committed to serving you. Including a full-time Marketing Director, Transaction Coordinator and Operations Director, our team approach delivers excellence.

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