Frog Pond is Wilsonville’s Next Great Neighborhood

Why Buy a home In Frog Pond?

  • Walkable and cohesive neighborhoods
  • Access to nature
  • Diverse and attractive housing options
  • Community gathering spaces
  • Sustainable and active lifestyles
  • Convenient location

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Frog Pond Wilsonville is built around the idea of creating walkable and cohesive neighborhoods that feature homes, streets, open spaces, and retail that fit together seamlessly. The community offers a diversity of attractive housing options at a variety of prices, including single-family detached homes on large lots. The streets and trails throughout the community are designed for safe and enjoyable travel by bike, on foot, or by car, and feel like a well-planned extension of the city. In addition, the community provides access to nature through creeks and natural areas that are close to home. Frog Pond also features beautiful parks, quality schools, and other public spaces that serve as community centers and gathering places. Frog Pond retains mature native trees and honors its history.

The plan provides compatible transitions to surrounding areas and promotes healthy, active lifestyles through extensive walkways, community gardens, and recreational facilities. Finally, the plan integrates sustainability solutions that address economic, environmental, and social needs, while coordinating with Wilsonville’s transportation network.

Frog Pond West, East and South

Frog Pond West Neighborhood. Frog Pond West is rapidly developing. Planned for about 625 homes, about half of the area was approved for development between 2018 and 2022. A new neighborhood park is in the planning stages in Frog Pond West, and construction on the new primary school is expected to commence in June, 2023. These community uses will be a quarter mile west of SW Stafford Road, a 5-minute walk from the west edge of the East and South neighborhoods.

Meridian Creek Middle School and Future Community Park. Meridian Creek Middle School opened its doors in 2017. The adjacent community park awaits further development.

The Frog Pond Master Plan sets the stage for Wilsonville’s next great neighborhood.

Designed to bring the community together with walkable streets, connected trails, and open spaces; Frog Pond is just a short walk, bike, or bus ride from all parts of Wilsonville.

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